Don't Ignore a Few Ants in Your House

Don't Ignore a Few Ants in Your House

You may need ant removal service in Lackawanna & Buffalo, NY

Approximately 80% of North American homeowners deal with ants in their homes, and some ant infestations pose serious threats. Black ants can carry disease, while carpenter ants can damage the wooden framework of a home.

Keep your home safe from these problems with ant control and ant removal service from Bugs & More Pest Control LLC. Speak with us today about ant control at your Lackawanna, NY home.

Ants can cause major problems in your home

Although they're small, ants can cause a lot of problems inside a house. Without ant removal service at an infested house, ants can:

  • Spread disease to occupants
  • Eat away at home surfaces
  • Leave waste all around the home

We know how to identify the signs of an infestation, and we can find the nest quickly. With just a few baiting and spraying treatments, your home can be ant-free sooner than you ever thought possible.

Talk to Bugs & More Pest Control now to get an in-home consultation for ant removal service in Lackawanna, NY.